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Onyx Contactless Card Reader Cashless Payment Device
Innovative, contactless card reader and
telemetry device

The sleek, contactless
card reader can fit on any
small machine and gives your
consumer a convenient cashless payment experience. While consumers complete transactions quickly, operators access a world of operational benefits and insights. The Onyx is more than a card reader: It’s a device packed with powerful capabilities including contactless, NFC, and QR payments, telemetry, marketing tools, and remote machine management.


Onyx offers you a complete solution, ensuring you can monitor your business and increase revenue.

* Intuitive User Interface
* Contactless Payments
* Compact, Eye Catching design
* Machine Management & Dashboard

Onyx Multiple Payment Methods


Onyx enables you to accept a wide array of global payment providers and popular local payment services, offering your consumers all the payment methods they are familiar with.

* Debit & Credit Cards
* Mobile & NFC Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Monyx)
* Prepaid Cards for closed environments
* Static & Dynamic QR Codes including Alipay & WeChat Pay


Marketing tools to increase sales

Give your consumers reasons to come back

Onyx features built-in marketing tools that enable operators to communicate more directly with their consumers to increase sales. Operators will be able to nurture customer loyalty when they access the Management Suite’s marketing campaigns. You can offer digital loyalty cards, sales, discounts, and happy hours, offering consumers a richer and more retail-like sales experience.


Advertising opportunities

Onyx’s color touchscreen can be used to promote your campaigns when it is in idle-mode.

For more information:
call: +44 (0) 7825 943 166

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